Even from the WOW account we used before (another bank, another account type) there were always issues. The fact that there are a lot of issues with receiving money in Nigeria has nothing to do with the inflexibility of the company. The costs of receiving money exist of: the sending banks fee, the international transfer fee, the intermediary banks fee, your banks fee and possible currency exchange rate costs. And we simply are not willing to offer an even lower pay rate per message than we already do. The reason for that was that they wanted to lower their price even more and we now came to the point that is about to happen for the countries we have left. Despite several many years of playing the sport, almost all players will never have any exactly where near to 10,Thousand Yellow metal in their deals at one time. Over time WOW has paid to people in more than 80 different countries worldwide. Everyone who has 35 euro or more in their balance, will get paid. And we hope this will be soon! But when, well that is uncertain to us all, lets just hope vaccination will start to take effect and in a few months things start turning back to normal. Our whole team would like to thank you for working with us and we hope you can find some work some place else. Okay we do understand this is all corona related and they too do not know what the next week will look like at the moment, but still. And a week later on top of all accounts of the people who use VPN or show no IP at all, they start closing accounts for quality because there are too many people in. Also on private servers sometimes there are missing quests and you have to report them.


We get a lot of questions about this: I have 24 euro pending, why cant I get paid / This is a scam, I want my 15 euro, you guys are a fraud and so on. The other half turn out to be people problems: they have a limited student account and went over their limit, they do not have an activated euro option and can only receive Naira, they never completed their verification process (both with Payoneer and regular banks), they gave us wrong details, completely wrong account numbers, the serial number of their bank card as account number, wrong BIC codes, and even a different name, because they try to get paid through a friend which is not allowed and they dont understand a bank is not going to accept that. On the other hand, some players have grown tired of immaturity and general bad behavior you often get on the official servers. All that you need to do is to sign up for the free offers at these sites and get to enjoy the free World of Warcraft.


The new system is simpler, easier to understand, and has the potential to offers more significant choices than talent trees could have. Can guilds name their cities when they claim a stone, or do all the spots have a pre-set names? While still a closed beta, you can sign up to be chosen for beta testing by hitting opt-in over on the expansions store page, adding your name to the pool of players randomly chosen to receive testing invites. All his together can easily go up to close to 35 euro. 19 euro in your account, you would start with -15 euro. So above that they dont pay because it can even cost you money (if your bank credits you for 2 euro and then debits the costs after, you will lose on the trasaction). For DNS that is even worse: pay gets less, number of codes is getting less and less, traffic per code gets less, but for every abuse they pay a high fine and those fines stay the same. But what most people do not realise is that with less countries, less codes and less traffic, for us that is the same. We try to inform people as good as we can, but it really stands or falls with the willingness to read and taking your own responsibility as well. It may well be true. MT (and OT, if its the case), the hunters and MTs healers must have enough Hourglass Sand to last throughout the entire battle, if Chroma has the Time Lapse breath or to last long enough in order to be sure MT doesnt lose aggro. Im spending more time in Lions Watch and Tanaan Jungle again.